3 Driving Habits That Can Damage Your Volkswagen Car

May 10th, 2024 by

Person by broken-down car

When operating at peak efficiency, a precision-engineered Volkswagen vehicle is capable of delivering a driving experience like none other. Unfortunately, it’s common for certain driving habits to bring down that efficiency or even damage key components, and critical Volkswagen service is needed to fix the problem. Courtesy of North Penn Volkswagen, here are three potentially problematic driving habits to avoid.

Braking Too Suddenly

Sometimes, it pays to take your time, especially when it comes to braking. Regularly hitting the brakes hard to decelerate quickly will cause pads and discs to wear out more quickly than normal and eventually result in less responsive brakes. This is not only an expensive fix, but it can be dangerous on the road!

Ignoring Warning Lights

Nobody wants to take time out of their day to take their car in for service, especially if everything seems to function normally. However, if a dashboard warning light is illuminated, it’s almost always because of problems with a critical component. Don’t delay—visit the North Penn Volkswagen service department before things have a chance to get worse!

Hitting Potholes

While this one might seem like a no-brainer, it’s estimated that up to 30% of vehicle damage is caused by driving too fast over potholes, speedbumps, and other minor bumps in the road. If you regularly hit potholes at full speed, you may be causing considerable damage to your exhaust system, knocking your wheels out of alignment, or risking expensive and dangerous harm to your car’s bodywork.

Schedule Volkswagen Service in Colmar, PA

Even if you recognize one or more of these habits from your own driving style, all that’s needed is a minor adjustment to your driving style and a quick and convenient visit to our Volkswagen service department. Contact North Penn Volkswagen today to learn about current service specials or to make a service appointment in Colmar, Pennsylvania!