Get Ready for Spring with Volkswagen Service

April 19th, 2024 by

Spring's here. Time to replace your wipers?

Winter can take a heavy toll on your vehicle, leaving vital components vulnerable to corrosion and other damage. That’s why it’s so important to schedule Volkswagen service at the beginning of spring to prepare your car for the rest of the year. Courtesy of North Penn Volkswagen, here are some can’t-miss spring service tasks.

Hoses and Fluids

Winter driving tends to loosen hoses that connect your engine to other systems, and freezing temperatures make those same hoses liable to crack. At the same time, fluid levels may not be what you expect after months of driving through snow and ice. A thorough check of hoses and fluid levels should be a part of any springtime service visit.

Tire Check

Rising temperatures are great for a road trip, but that change also dramatically affects your tire pressure, especially after months of dipping below zero. Your Volkswagen vehicle’s tires also lose tread more quickly when driving across ice, gravel, and salt. Don’t chance your safety on the road with tires that might be due for a change—have them checked out by a service professional!

Spring Cleaning

Just as the elements play havoc with your tires, road salt, and other contaminants are all too likely to become caked on a vehicle’s undercarriage. As you might imagine, this leaves critical auto components open to rust. As part of your spring Volkswagen maintenance, be sure to include a thorough cleaning to remove any gunk left over from winter.

Schedule Volkswagen Service in Colmar, PA

With just a little special attention and care, you can count on your Volkswagen vehicle to get you to your destination safely and comfortably all year long. Contact North Penn Volkswagen today to learn about current service specials or to schedule a maintenance appointment in Colmar, Pennsylvania!