Understanding Your Volkswagen Battery Warranty

May 15th, 2024 by

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Many things set a high-performing, European-engineered Volkswagen vehicle apart from the pack, starting with the top-quality components built into every model. However, even the best-designed and most painstakingly assembled vehicles can suffer problems now and then. When they do and critical components need repairs, you’ll want to understand how your warranty impacts things like your Volkswagen battery service. Today, North Penn Volkswagen is taking a moment to explain what \you need to know about your battery warranty coverage.

Conventional Engine Batteries

The battery of a conventional gas-powered vehicle is also called a wet-cell battery; the Volkswagen Genuine Replacement Battery Limited Warranty covers the most likely service or replacement issues that may affect this battery. While a wide range of terms and conditions are named under this warranty, the essential point is that any material or labor issues that may damage your battery are covered without cost for the first 36 months of use. After this time, this warranty provides prorated labor and replacement costs for up to 60 months.

EV Battery Warranty

The High-Voltage Battery, which is the beating heart of Volkswagen electric vehicles (EVs), is covered by a special warranty to help keep you on the road. This battery has a specific 100,000-mile/eight-year warranty. Other components in your EV powertrain have additional coverage available under the Carefree Coverage and New Vehicle Limited Warranty programs.

Schedule Volkswagen Battery Service in Colmar, PA

Remember that warranties don’t cover routine maintenance. However, should something go wrong, these warranty programs cover rare repairs so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Contact North Penn Volkswagen today to learn about other Volkswagen warranty options or to schedule a test drive in Colmar, Pennsylvania!

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