Volkswagen EV 101: How to Charge Your Vehicle

February 16th, 2024 by

Volkswagen ID.4 Charging

Electric vehicle (EV) technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and Volkswagen is leading the charge. If you’re considering a Volkswagen EV, you may have questions about its driving dynamics, technology, and especially how it is to charge a vehicle instead of visiting a gas station. North Penn Volkswagen is here to demystify charging your car at home or on the go.

Intro to Charging

No matter what type of charger you’re using, the process of charging your Volkswagen EV is straightforward. Gently press the charging door on the side of your vehicle to open it. Insert the charging cable, removing the adaptor piece if necessary. If the battery is charging correctly, a light will continuously flash until the charging process is complete.

Types of Chargers

A modern Volkswagen EV like the Volkswagen ID.4 is capable of three types of charging, categorized as Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 DC Fast Chargers. A Level 1 charger uses a standard 120-volt connection and charges relatively slowly compared to the other options. Level 2 charging adds between 15 and 30 miles of charge per hour, and since a Level 2 charging station can be installed at home relatively easily, this is one of the most popular regular charging options. Finally, a Level 3 DC Fast Charger is a public charging port that can charge up to 80% of an EV battery in about half an hour, making it ideal for charging on the go.

Test-Drive a Volkswagen Electric Vehicle in Colmar, PA

New technologies sometimes have a learning curve, but modern EVs like the Volkswagen ID.4 are user- and driver-friendly. Visit North Penn Volkswagen today, and one of our dealers will show you just how easy the transition to electric can be. We can’t wait to welcome you to the future of driving!

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